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Casablanca Flagship Store in Newport Beach, CA
Image of Casablanca Flagship Assistant Store Manager Amanda



Amanda is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, and proud of it. She has a small cat tattoo on her ankle to prove it! Amanda’s favorite style is 2339 Leona. The bridal cape paired with a sleek, classic fit-and-flare gown ensures you’ll look back in 20 years and love your dress just as much as the first time you tried it on. Amanda’s relationship advice is all about communication. “No one is a mind reader, so you have to talk about things even when it’s uncomfortable. Having open and honest conversations can prevent minor frustrations from becoming larger issues.”



Maggie is a foodie who loves to travel. Her dream travel destination is Africa to experience an African Safari and volunteer in numerous villages. Maggie’s favorite style is 2428 Reese. The romantic eyelash lace bordering the off-the-shoulder neckline gives a romantic, timeless look that will have you mesmerized for years to come. Maggie’s relationship advice is all about respect. Treating your partner as you would want them to treat you is essential; having mutual respect for each other is a simple way to keep your relationship at its best.  



Zandria is a self-loving fashion designer and has the fabric stash at home to prove it! Her favorite gown is 2415 Macy. The clean, Mikado fabric really allows your true self to shine when it comes to Jewelry, hair, makeup etc. Zandria’s relationship advice is do not compare your relationship to others. Cherish the relationship you have and remember social media only displays the “perfect” parts of other’s relationships.



Gabrielle loves classic rock, her husband Ethan, and her pup Zeppelin! Her favorite style is BL362 Cameron. Everything from the delicate, off-the-shoulder sleeves to the airy, tiered tulle skirt screams romantic! Gabrielle’s relationship advice is to always speak kindly and communicate. You will always run into disagreements, but how you handle those disagreements is key.