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Casablanca Flagship Store in Newport Beach, CA



Narjess has been in the bridal world for almost a decade with couture designers and countless brides from all over the world. Her favorite dress C148-Rose, the beadwork is amazing and the overskirt is a show stopper. Narjess' advice to brides while shopping for their wedding gown is to be honest with yourself, be open to what your stylist suggests for you and be okay with stepping out of your comfort zone!



Natalie loves to travel just as much as she enjoys have time at home with her dogs and fiancé. Her dream travel destination is Iceland to experience the Northern Lights. Natalie's favorite gown is the one she purchased as a Casablanca Bride herself, but unfortunately the reveal will have to wait until October 2022! Natalie's relationship advice is to build a foundation based off of communication and trust, being best friends with your significant other is the most rewarding feeling.




Zandria is a self-loving fashion designer and has the fabric stash at home to prove it! Her favorite gown is 2415 Macy. The clean, Mikado fabric really allows your true self to shine when it comes to Jewelry, hair, makeup etc. Zandria’s relationship advice is do not compare your relationship to others. Cherish the relationship you have and remember social media only displays the “perfect” parts of other’s relationships.



Belle is huge Harry Potter fan! She has completed the series 5 times over. Her favorite style of dress is a mermaid fit. She also loves BL333 because of its clean skirt and flattering neckline. Belle's relationship advice is to be with someone who loves you for your imperfections, not in spite of them.



Alexa has lived in three different countries! Her favorite gown at Casablanca is C161 from the Amare Couture collection. She loves that even though it's minimal in design it makes a statement with its' silhouette and unique texture. Alexa's relationship advice is to continue to be yourself and make time to be you. Your partner is a part of your life, but shouldn't take over your life.