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Casablanca Flagship Store in Newport Beach, CA
Image of Casablanca Flagship Store Manager Mollie



Mollie enjoys any and all activities that allow her to be creative, whether it’s home décor, fashion, ceramics or painting. She has been in the bridal industry for 8 years, and her favorite style is C121 Nicolette. “I love the modern lace style on this fitted gown. Combined with an exquisite beaded top, it screams bridal elegance! The added godets in the skirt create an element of movement that’s hard to achieve with a fitted gown. I just think it’s absolutely perfect!” To make a relationship work, Mollie advises to never miss the small stuff, and focus on the things your partner does that make you swoon (“For me, it’s the way he meticulously does his hair in the mornings. It’s absolutely adorable!”) Appreciating each other for who you are will ensure that you never stop growing together!

Image of Casablanca Flagship Assistant Store Manager Amanda



Amanda is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, and proud of it. She has a small cat tattoo on her ankle to prove it! Amanda’s favorite style is 2339 Leona. The bridal cape paired with a sleek, classic fit-and-flare gown ensures you’ll look back in 20 years and love your dress just as much as the first time you tried it on. Amanda’s relationship advice is all about communication. “No one is a mind reader, so you have to talk about things even when it’s uncomfortable. Having open and honest conversations can prevent minor frustrations from becoming larger issues.”