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Casablanca Store  Overview

“At Casablanca Bridal, we believe there is a difference between designing a dress for your wedding and designing a dress for your marriage.”


Casablanca Bridal was started over 20 years ago by visionaries Kevin and Gloria Lu and has become one of the fastest growing global bridal gown designers and manufacturers. Over 1,000 domestic retail partners and 80 international retail partners carry Casablanca Bridal. Each gown is handmade, hand cut, hand beaded and cut to order using the highest quality fabrics, laces and beading. Many of the gowns incorporate Swarovski elements. The ability to customize design elements on any gown and create a custom fit makes it possible for every bride to find her dream gown. In addition to founding Casablanca Bridal, Kevin and Gloria have created a philanthropic charity called Celebrate Forever as a result of their desire for every couple to Celebrate Forever.

Why choose Casablanca Bridal?

Casablanca Bridal Talented Design Team

Quality & Design

Our talented Design Team at Casablanca Bridal searches world-wide for the most luxurious fabrics, exquisite laces, and dazzling embellishments. Each unique style is handcrafted to provide the utmost quality in materials and uncompromising workmanship.

Casablanca Bridal Exclusive niche in the bridal industry


Our exclusive niche in the bridal industry is our ability to customize a wedding dress to a bride's individual needs at a reasonable cost. Whether it is something as simple as lenghtening a train and adding custom measurements or as elaborate as changing a beadwork pattern, all are within the realm of possibility with Casablanca Bridal!

Casablanca Bridal State-of-the-art manufacturing facility


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to provide all three of our collections within an affordable price range without sacrificing quality or style. Unlike most brands who externally subcontract their manufacturing, Casablanca Bridal prides itself on exclsuively manufacturing its own gowns internally.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Casablanca Bridal Building Overview
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Casablanca Bridal Entry with pond
Casablanca Bridal guest zone
Casablanca Bridal working open space
Casablanca Bridal Entry with staircase. View #2